Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Tim Bresnan. Good lad. Not such a good cricketer.

Tim Bresnan is the sort of bloke the players want in the dressing room. He likes a laugh, likes a pint, and likes to abuse followers on Twitter.

Tim Bresnan is the sort of bloke the ECB were trying to move away from. Not very media or PR savvy, slightly unfit, and northern.

I like Tim Bresnan. As a person, he seems like the sort of bloke I'd like. I'd happily sit and chat with him, let him show me his favourite Yorkshire ales, or watch a game of Huddersfield Town with. As a cricketer, he's all right. I don't think he's one of England's best bowlers, or one of England's best batsmen. He probably isn't the best bat or bowler at Yorkshire.

Tim Bresnan doesn't have much going for him. Yet he keeps getting picked by England. He even has a World Cup winners medal (as an opening bowler!). Tim Bresnan is a great example of how personality can get you places in life. Well done Tim.

But as much as I like him, please don't (as some suggestions have been made) drop Eoin Morgan for Tim Bresnan for tomorrow's final test against Pakistan. Just let him sit in the dressing room, amuse Swann and Anderson, and waddle on to the field with drinks. Just don't let him play.

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