Monday, 9 August 2010

SMN: Short Midwicket sued by Matthew Spriegel, BBC

The Short Midwicket Podcast is released regularly, and has never courted controversy. However, the latest edition Obviously Matthew Spriegel has led to the Short Midwicket unusually being sued from two parties.

The first lawsuit comes from the BBC, who obviously were upset that the Short Midwicket blatently ripped off their interview from a podcast. However, the second came from Matthew Spriegel himself, who obviously sued for defamation.

"He's obviously made me seem stupid" remarked Surrey middle-order mainstay Spriegel. "Obviously I'm upset and disappointed. Obviously on the back of it, the boys have obviously been giving me grief in the dressing room".

(If Spriegel did have any problems with the podcast and ensuing game, this news article is obviously only going to make things worse.)

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