Sunday, 15 August 2010

SMN: Lanky the Giraffe exposed as Tyson Gay

In an astonishing twist to yesterday's Friends Provident Mascot Derby at the Finals Day at the Rose Bowl, winning mascot Lanky the Giraffe (Lancashire) has been exposed as sprint-king Tyson Gay.

Gay, who is straight, ran a world's leading time of 9.83 seconds on Friday night at the Crystal Palace London Diamond League 100 metre event, before reportedly heading to Southampton to take part in the Mascot Race on Lancashire's behalf.

An ECB official said "Our suspicions were raised when Lanky clocked a time almost three minutes faster than any of the other mascots. It was only afterwards in the changing room that we were alerted to the fact that Lanky was in fact Gay". The ECB were alerted to the prescence of Gay by an anonymous mascot, although Yorkshire's Max Mynah has been quick to quash allegations that it was him. The ECB are unsure whether to disqualify Lanky and award the trophy to second placed Max (or even to 9th placed Pinky the Panther).

In other news, Hampshire won.

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