Sunday, 22 August 2010

Podcast - MoYo, Morgan and Mo Amir

A roundup of the 3rd England v Pakistan test, as well as the start of the Ashes countdown. Sorry about the sound quality for the last 30 seconds - not my fault! (Well, only sort of my fault).


  1. Good one. Loved the Wahab Riaz bit haha. Did not occur to me that Morgan would get kicked out again, had banned Bell from my mind. :/


  2. Yeah and you could put these new blogger share buttons in the blog... can't be arsed to shorten the url manually (dashboard > design > main gadget called "blog posts")

  3. Have finally been able to get to a computer and reply! Thanks for the sharing (and caring) advice - have done that stuff. And as for Morgan... am having recurring nightmares that Bresnan replaces him for tomorrow's test... but we'll just have to see!