Friday, 27 August 2010

People Are Stupid

I like going to Lord's. I like it even more when I don't have to pay to go. And I like it better when I get paid to go.

After my work (in which I heard England collapse from an office), I get to pick a seat and watch. Today I picked the Mound Stand. Yesterday it was the Edrich. I also like this.

However, the drawback of sitting in the stands is that I have to listen to people nearby. The commoners. The plebs.

Stuart Broad has been hampered his whole career by being called Chris. For those who watched his dad, calling StuBro Chris happens every now-and-again; a slip of the tongue. Fair enough. What isn't fair enough is continually calling him Chris. Broady Jr has been playing internationally for four years now. How hard is it to learn the name of a World Cup and Ashes winning staple in the side.

Misinformed opinions often grace the stands. A group of five lads who clearly know their cricket were sitting next to me discussing spinners. (Not Shane Warne's pants, actual tweakers). 4 of the 5 would pick Monty Panesar over Graeme Swann. Really? One opined that Swann's (who made a duck) batting wasn't as good as Monty's, who batted well at Cardiff. Seriously?

And don't even get me started on "Tony" who texted into the big screen saying that Anderson could "swing the Effiel Tower"...

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