Tuesday, 31 August 2010

SMN: The Short Midwicket in "deliberate overstepping" claims

Esteemed blogger PinkyWill, who blogs and podcasts for the world's foremost cricket site The Short Midwicket, is subject of an ICC investigation after revealing that he "deliberately overstepped the mark" in his earlier blog about Alastair Cook joining Twitter.

In "Alastair Cook joins Twitter, banned from it within 20 minutes", Will swore a surprising four times, especially considering it was the first profanity in the previous 100 blogs posted on the site.

At the time, critics saw it as a simple misjudgement from Will, claiming that he was young and inexperienced, but after a sting operation, Will has admitted that there were ulterior motives for his smut.

Thanks to secret filming from a tabloid newspaper, Will boasted of how he was "paid to overstep the mark" by an unnamed fixer, who was working for an Indian betting ring. "I was the longest running cricket blog who hadn't sworn, and a large book had been made as to when I was going to break my duck. After numerous phonecalls, it was arranged for me to swear on the 4th of August at 19.47".

Asked for his payment for the overstepping, Will replied that he was paid "2 bags of Skittles, a Mars bar, and a voucher for 10% off in Cineworld". However, he denied that his podcast Obviously Matthew Spriegel was another deliberate overstep; claiming that he was "just taking the piss". The investigation continues.

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