Monday, 2 August 2010

Pakistan should listen to my podcast...

I recorded a podcast yesterday afternoon. England had won the first test very comfortably, and I pottered down to my podcast recording studio (it's not as glamourous as it sounds - it's just a glorified shed) to speak about it. I said that I back Danish Kaneria to take loads of wickets in the next test, and that Pakistan would be stupid to pick Mohammad Yousuf as it would only disrupt the team. I also said that it wouldn't happen.

Cue my surprise later on when I saw that Kaneria had been dropped, and that Yousuf was in the squad for the next test at Edgbaston. Incidentally, this was before I had done all of my fancy editing (ie removing my awkwardly unfunny jokes and frequent 'eeeeerrrrrm's), but I decided to leave my advice to the Pakistani selectors in there. Because I know that I'll be right.

Pakistan will miss Kaneria's fix of spin (see what I did there?)especially if Edgbaston's a turner. And Yousuf won't be able to stroll into a team after a few months away from cricket and make runs. In fact, he may not be able to stroll into the country at all due to issues with securing a visa. If neither Yousuf or Kaneria play and Pakistan are further humiliated by England (which I also predict), I await the call to become the next Pakistan chairman of selectors. I might as well, everyone else in cricket's had a go...

NB - A few days ago I said I was growing a beard in an attempt to look older than Mo Amir. With MoYo back in the team, I've had a shave. There's no way I can compete with that bad boy.

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