Monday, 30 August 2010

Podcast - Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge

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The fall-out of the England-Pakistan fourth test and the spot-fixing investigation. Note - remove all sharp objects from the immediate area as you may start to feel very depressed whilst listening to this podcast. Allegedly.


  1. This new ordinary intro song is SHIT, bring back the old sung jingle! I am upset!!! I had only just started to sing along and snap my fingers to the rhythm! The people want it back! It's like you've cut your face off! Replacing the self-sung bit by IOB was sacrilege enough, but now you have gone too far! Bring. It. Back!

    Brilliant pod, loved how you confessed that "England's collapse (...) was great to watch",
    sorry for quoting it everywhere... it's just too good! *g*

    No seriously, nice pod!


  2. Ok, ok the theme song will return! It was never going away - just a one off for this one. And I didn't say the collapse was great to watch, it was more that the bowling performance by Amir was great! I was appreciative of great bowling - it just happened to lead to an England collapse!

    And cheers for listening again!