Monday, 26 April 2010

Last Week's Poll - How can England get to the West Indies?

A poll to forget this week, there was very little that was good about it. To be honest, it was a half-arsed effort, with half-arsed answers, and it got a half-arsed response. I took all of about 20 seconds to think about the topic for this week's poll, and as I only had the interest to think of four answers, it was clearly a poll with very little effort. And probably due to this, you lot voted with your feet; by which I mean you did not vote at all. It was a three-way tie at the top, so my casting vote goes to Flintoff's pedalo as a means of transport for the English team out to West Indies. Even though Flintoff isn't in the squad. And that they actually flew by 747, as the volcano stopped erupting enough for them to fly. I told you there wasn't much thought put into it.

Next week's poll is an election special (topical or what?), so exercise your democratic right and vote!

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