Thursday, 8 April 2010

This is the real IPL

The IPL is a place where the world's best cricketers get together and make friends. Transcending both social, political and international boundaries, these new friends are able to share a beer, go fishing, or even do some karaoke. As seen here.

Virally, Kingfisher have done a brilliant job, as this has now been seen on quite a few blogs. Whether or not this actually helps sell their product is by the by, as otherwise we would never have seen Dirk Nannes air-DJing, Middlesex's own David Warner "walking like an Egyptian", that Adam Gilchrist sings with an Indian accent, as well as Eoin Morgan, Michael Lumb and Dimi Mascerenhas dancing much more exuberantly than their teammates. So in a way, it's a public service video. Anyway, just watch it. Once it has been seen, it will never be unseen.

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