Friday, 9 April 2010

Last Week's Poll - Who's going to win what this County Season?

With an unprecedented 3 polls, this week has made Short Third Man history as having the most amount of votes cast. Well done everyone! With 33% of the vote for who will be the best county player, my man Joe Denly looks set to draw strength from his England rejection for the hedgehog eaters. Half of those polled surprisingly think that Somersaaaat will Div One, and Sussex also got 50% of votes for who will win Div Two.

This week, in honour of that Kingfisher karaoke advert, the poll is which cricketer would you like to go to an old school disco with. Poll can be found on the sidebar as usual.

Right, am off to try and find somewhere to listen to the Worcestershire - Middlesex game!

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