Monday, 26 April 2010

Meet the Candidates

Labour: Paul Collingwood.
Northern, gritty, determined; Collingwood embodies everything Labour stands for. Even when it appears that all is lost, Collingwood just keeps on fighting. His best years are perhaps behind him, but he still has a lot to offer. As a person, Collingwood is maybe better as part of a team, as he has had mixed results as leader. Not overall popular, but he is well-liked by many.

Conservative: Andrew Strauss.
From a privileged upbringing, Strauss has the air of upper-class about him, although he does try to connect with the people. Strauss favours his fellow educated elite, but is widely supported by those below him, with his strong leadership qualities to be admired.

Liberal Democrats: Alastair Cook
Cook is well-spoken and sophisticated, but is unlikely to get the top job any time soon. Could well reach the number one position in the future if the balance of power shifts his way when others retire. Has seen a recent upsurge in popularity following recent foreign policy success.

Only candidates from the three main parties will run in the election. They will each have a supporting group of ministers from the England team based purely on who I guess they would vote for, based on no knowledge or political intelligence at all.


  1. Do we get to vote? Which one of them was inspired by Jayasuriya?

  2. Everyone gets a vote on May 6th! I'm hoping for a similiar response to the actual British election but this is fairly unlikely... Will announce further details as we go along!