Friday, 16 April 2010

If you love it...

As I walked through the pavilion at Lord's yesterday (I know, place dropper) for the first day of the County Championship game between Middlesex and Glamorgan, the first thing I saw was an advertising hoarding for the sponsors of the Championship saying "If you love it, LV it". While the purpose of the advert was to attract people to their insurance company, it made me think of my personal thoughts regarding the four day game. I have long been a champion of the First Class game, but yesterday was the first time I have ever been to a LVCC game. Previously I would just look on Cricinfo or the BBC Sport website to find out the scores, and occasionally watch the day's highlights via the Middlesex website. But even though I was a Middlesex member, I had never got around to actually going and watching a game.

However, partly because it was the first game at Lord's of the season, and partly because I had agreed to meet Suave as part of his season in the stands off I went to the home of cricket, not really knowing what to expect. For the day itself, I thoroughly enjoyed Suave's company, the cricket itself, and my highlight; going up to the Media Centre at the end.

Seeing the LV advert at the start of the day stayed with me as I reflected on the day. And I came up with this; I do love the County Championship. I do love going and sitting in the pavilion at Lord's. I do love watching good cricket. The opening bowling partnership of Murtagh and Steven Finn wouldn't look too out of place representing England, and there were further internationals in Iain O'Brien and Shaun Udal who later bowled. And standing in the slips was the England captain. I will definitely go back for more LVCC games in the summer (when times allows), as well as the FPt20s and CB40 games. I will also endeavour to write more about the county game rather than "Oh, Middlesex lost" or "Steven Finn took 9/37". So if you're not a fan of the county game, unlucky. A new blog is coming up. Sorry.

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