Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Election Update - Day Two

From our political correspondent Toby Fair:

The Liberal Democrats' election campaign was thrown into chaos as it emerged that leader Alastair Cook was leading the Conservative campaign when Andrew Strauss was taking breaks. An unnamed Conservative source revealed to the Short Third Man that "Cooky would take over for 5-10 minutes while Straussy was in the toilet or changing a shirt". Neither Strauss or Cook have been available to comment, as they were both busy meeting their local constituents in Middlesex and Essex respectively.

Labour spokesman Ryan Sidebottom says that "this shows the lack of direction from both the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. As such, only Paul Collingwood can offer a firm hand on British cricket".

Cook is said to be rapidly losing the support of his Liberal Democrat party, with Stuart Broad being primed to take over if he resigns his position.

The Short Third Man's cricket election will be held on Thursday May 6th. For more information, click here


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  2. On behalf of the Scottish National Party I must protest in the strongest possible terms that you are not giving any coverage to the campaign in Scotland, and my Celtic colleague Robert Croft would say the same if he were able to use a computer!