Saturday, 1 May 2010

Things the World T20 has given us - Day One

This may be a regular feature, and it may not. But here are some observations I had from what I watched of the first day of the T20 Worlds.

Things the World T20 have given us:

West Indies wearing the worst cricket shirt since England had that light blue one
Nathan McCullum giving us a free ticket to the gun show
William Porterfield having the best accent to ever exist
The Guyanese cheerleaders refusing to dance when Shiv got out
Dinesh Ramdin dancing and singing to Sean Kingston without realising the camera was on him
Shiv getting a rather homo-erotic massage as the West Indian wickets fell
A 17 year old with grey hair
A really close game
Not a very close game

Would you find these in the IPL?

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