Friday, 14 May 2010

Captain Colonel

If Middlesex winning two county games in a row wasn't shocking enough, today's big county story is as equally surprising. Well, to me anyway.

Durham captain and punster's dream Will "Fresh Prince" Smith has been removed as captain of the champions, and has been replaced by equally as fun Phil "Colonel" Mustard. In their Pursuit of Happyness, the Men in Black have accepted Smith's resignation in the wake of their innings defeat to Nottinghamshire. It is reported that Durham's supporters are seeing today as Independence Day, and that a collection for Smith has raised only Seven Pounds. Durham's Switch in captaincy is somewhat surprising, as it is the only first class game Durham have lost in the last 21, but Smith's form has suffered; only averaging 16 this year. In a press conference, Smith proclaimed "I am Legend", before departing to applause from fans of the Wild Wild North-East county.

Anyone got any more puns to stick in?

(And The Short Third Man would like to wish Phil Mustard the best of luck as Durham captain. Just not when they're playing Middlesex)

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