Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Twenty20 Bingo

So, the FPt20 has started and is off and underway. Dug-outs, cheerleaders and fireworks ahoy. And of course, everyone's favourite part of T20: commentator's cliches.

Tick each one off when you hear it, winner's the one who gets the most by finals day.

"Start the car!" (0.1 points; 100 points when said by someone other than Bumble)
"Fielding is very much a key part of T20" (50 points)
"In the early days it was seen as hit and giggle, but it's a serious business now" (40 points)
"Counties are taking it much more seriously this year" (20 points)
"It's a real shame that Tendulkar / Segway / Yuvraj haven't been allowed to play, but don't worry, Kent have Malinga Bandara" (250 points)
A player being described as a "young man" (100 points - an extra 100 points for every year that he's over 30)
The word's "razmatazz", "entertainment industry" and "pyrotechnics" (10 points each)
Nasser describing "Fortress Chelmsford" as though it is the MCG (30 points)
A fat / unattractive / garishly clothed spectator being likened to Paul Allott / Nick Knight (25 points)
An inappropriately pervy remark from a commentator about a cheerleader (10 points)
A male cheerleader being called "Napoleon", or told to "go on son" (50 points)
Serious cricket analysis (lose all points. Do not collect £200)

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