Sunday, 20 June 2010

From the computer of Giles Clarke...

(September 2009)

From Giles Clarke:
to Anne Ecbaccountant:

Giles here

Quick question - which touring country has brought in the most money? Am up for another seven match ODI series so I can afford to buy Allen Stanford's stadium in the police auction.



From Anne Ecbaccountant:
to Giles Clarke:

Hi Giles

The most lucrative country to tour is Australia. However, you shouldn't hold another seven match series, we've just had one against them, remember? Won't cricketers, fans and pundits be really bored of another one-sided series against Australia, (especially ahead of us going Down Under next year) and without the slight compensation of an Ashes series surely people will only resent the idea of having a series and will only see it as a money-making tool?


From Giles Clarke:
to Anne Ecbaccountant:

Nah, we'll get the MCC to sponsor it, and call it the 'Spirit of Cricket' series, and nobody will realise. Scratch that - get NatWest to sponsor it as well.


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