Monday, 28 June 2010

A proud day for England

England yesterday played one of their old foes. Luckily, after previous disappointments and embarrassments, England managed to sneak over the line (no pun intended), and will look to build on this success in the forthcoming few days and weeks. Sadly, I am not talking about the football (I write about that somewhere else) but the cricket, where England have beaten Australia incredibly comfortably (safe for the closing few overs yesterday).

Sadly, due to other engagements (pesky exams) I haven't actually watched any of the cricket, and due to yesterday's disappointment I actually forgot that the 'other' match was on. However, while it does not really compare, we shouldn't forget the achievements of Strauss et al, and celebrate that. If only so we can forget the misacheivements of the other England team.

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