Thursday, 17 June 2010

Standing up for the T20

I know this year's FPt20's had some negative press from certain parts of the cricket blogosphere. But I like it. There have been some really close games, some outstanding performances, and some superb dancing from an oversized panther.

Yes, the fact that each county now has to play 16 times does mean there are close to one thousand matches this year. But this isn't the IPL. Fans aren't expected to watch every single minute of every single game. Sky aren't showing a three-hour build up show before Gloucestershire Gladiators v Kent Spitfires. There isn't an invasive reporter asking inane questions to Michael Di Venuto. Sky are showing one game a night, and giving updates on the other games around the country. And this is enough. Most people will probably only watch their county (if any at all), before going back to their lives. The T20 is not taking over the British summer, and due to clashes with the World Cup, isn't getting any other media attention. Twenty20 overkill is certainly not happening.

The FPt20 is bringing new fans to cricket who would never have previously travelled to Lord's, the Oval, or the Emirates International Cricket Ground. Yes, English counties don't do IPL style cheerleaders or DJs that well, but it's better than the captain's mum and nan being the only two fans in the ground. And when counties have been encouraged to pay through the nose for world-class stars like Gilchrist, Warner and O'Brien, it makes sense for fans to have the opportunity to see them a few times. (Get well soon Iain!)

While some traditionalist players aren't fans of T20, ones I've spoken to (and have had smack me on the top of the head) certainly are. Although that may be because the ones I've spoken to are Middlesex players, who are quite good at this 'whack-it'. Which probably explains my enthusiasm for the FPt20.


  1. Off topic but you forgot Herschelle Gibbs in that list of cricketers who would make the best footballer! He was supposed to play for Arsenal you know!

  2. And South Africa do need all the help they can get at the moment! And glad to see the poll working - it was out of action for a
    couple of days for some reason. Thanks anyway!