Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Idiot's Guide To The IPL - Part Four

You've been accosted by the friendly Indian waiter at your local curry house, and having read the first few parts of this Idiot's Guide have blabbered something vaguely coherent about the confusing format and the expensive teams. But what to do now he sighs and complains about the Citi Moment of Successes? Read on for The Idiot's Guide to the IPL - Part Four!


Much of the point of the IPL is making money. Hence the ridiculously convoluted fixture list. If you watch even 10 minutes of coverage of the IPL, you'll see the money-making in action. While regular watchers of test cricket will probably see an advert every 15 minutes (plus longer ones at the innings intervals or at drinks), it's not uncommon to see advertisements after each delivery of the IPL. The coverage of the IPL is watched by literally millions each day, so each second of airtime is worth plenty, and up for grabs. "Dead" seconds are wasted money-making opportunities, so look out for frequent adverts while the fast bowler's walking back to his mark, or other similiar times where the action isn't a million miles an hour.

These adverts help keep the IPL at the forefront of the money-making industry, and on top of that, they've managed to get companies to sponsor individual things that happen. So here's the complete list of IPL jargon.


DLF Maximum - Said whenever someone clears the rope. (In English - Six runs)

Karbon Kamal Catch - When someone plucks the ball out of the sky without it bouncing. (English - a catch)

Citi Moment of Success - Something good that happens. (English - usually a wicket, but could be a good bit of fielding or something)

MRF Blimp - A big floating thing in the sky. (English - a big balloon)

So you know the format. You know the teams. You can even tell your DLFs from your MRFs. I think you're ready to enjoy the IPL, and not be an idiot. Well, be as much as an idiot as me.

*NOTE - I've had some messages pointing out that "The Idiot's Guide" contains an incorrect apostrophe. Well, it doesn't, as I was calling myself an idiot, so as such, the apostrophe is correctly placed. Up your's.

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