Sunday, 3 April 2011

2011 County Players To Watch - One Dayers

Who's going to be the ones that stand out in pyjamas? These guys will be there or there abouts...

Peter Trego - Somerset: That Trego hasn't played many times for England is nothing short of a crime. The best all-rounder in the country in One Day cricket; a man who can bowl brilliantly in the middle overs or at the death with some fairly pacy stuff, and can thump the ball a hell of a long way. If he doesn't get the England recognition he deserves, look out for him propelling Somerset to the business end of the CB40 once more this year.

Paul Stirling - Middlesex: Stirling was a Middlesex player last year, but other than one T20 game he was playing around the world for Ireland rather than for the Pink Army. However, his Irish commitments will be far less this year, so expect some big hefty blows, as well as canny spin from the well-built Ulsterman. You saw what he did to top class bowling in the World Cup, so heaven knows what he'll do to some of the very ordinary attacks he'll be up against in the CB40 this summer.

Neil Carter - Warwickshire: An obvious pick to choose the MVP of the county season last year, but one-time Middlesex legend (for a week) Carter looks pretty well placed to replicate it. If he has even half as good a season as last, expect plenty more accolades to go his way. As good opening the batting as he is opening the bowling, he is the heartbeat of the Warwickshire side in all forms, but that's most keenly felt in the One Day arena, where he led them to victory in the final last time out. Will go well again this year.

Expect more County Players to Watch - coming later on...

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