Saturday, 18 December 2010

Day Two At Perth

Background: England rolled Australia for 268 on day 1, and looked to get a lead.

How did it start: Strauss and Cook looking nice and well set.

Where did it all go wrong for Australia?: A slight wobble when batting (although this was steadied). Worrying lack of form for Ponting though.

Where did it all go right for Australia?: Johnson's six wickets, and steady batting giving them a 200 lead after 2 days.

Where did it all go wrong for England?: Collapsing.

Where did it all go right for England?: Strauss and Cook started well. Bell appears to have some steel about him and batted well.

Who won each session?: Morning - Australia. Afternoon - Australia. Evening - Evens (but in the context of the game, Australia).

Who won the day?: Straya.

Who's winning the game?: Australia

Crumb of comfort?: Once a batsman gets in, there are runs on offer. England may need this knowledge second time up.

Shot of the day: Steve Finn turning Johnson off his hips for one. Controlled.

Ball of the day: Johnson to Trott / Pietersen / Collingwood / Tremlett.

Celebration of the day: Haddin's motions to the crowd. Close second to Finn's "shush" to someone.

Man of the day: Mitchell Johnson. England finally seeing him at his best.

And finally... Ashes Oddity: Steve Finn outscoring Kevin Pietersen, with a strike rate of 100. Doesn't happen very often!


  1. hey Will can you clarify on the rules page how many points the bowlers get or how the Fantasy points system works, cheers! ;)

  2. Just read through - all seems fairly clear???

  3. I'm retarded ... only scanned the text for numbers (not numerals)