Saturday, 18 December 2010

Day Three At Perth

Background: Australia batting after getting a more than handy first innings lead, hoping to bat England out of the game.

How did it start: Hussey and Watson offering no chances.

Where did it all go wrong for Australia?: The tail didn't wag as much as it did first up. Ricky Ponting hurt his hand dropping a catch, although this may be seen as a positive.

Where did it all go right for Australia?: Hussey's hundred, Watson's near-as-dammit hundred, taking 5 England scalps for not many. Good Aussie day.

Where did it all go wrong for England?: Not taking quick wickets, and then losing quick wickets.

Where did it all go right for England?: They didn't get a chance to bowl at Bell.

Who won each session?: Morning - Australia. Afternoon - Australia. Evening - Australia.

Who won the day?: Again, (and suprising given the session reports) Australia.

Who's winning the game?: Just about Australia.

Crumb of comfort?: There could be an earthquake and the series could be abandoned with England 1-0 up.

Shot of the day: Dunno. Probably Hussey, maybe Watson.

Ball of the day: Tremlett taking one of his five-fer

Celebration of the day: Swanny's sprinkler. We'd been waiting for him to break it out.

Man of the day: Mike Hussey. Mr Consistent, as well as being Mr Cricket. (He has two passports).

And finally... Ashes Oddity: Australia look like they're going to win. Granted, not that odd, given history.

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