Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day One at Perth

Background: A topsy-turvy draw in Brisbane was followed by a caning in Adelaide, laving England 1-0 up, and able to retain the Ashes this test.

How did it start: With some anthems, and some changes to the teams. Australia swapped in Hughes, Johnson, Hilfenhaus and Smith for Katich, Doherty, Bollinger and North, and England replaced the injured Broad with Tremlett.

Where did it all go wrong for Australia?: Lost all their wickets. Again.

Where did it all go right for Australia?: The tail wagged, giving their score a degree of acceptability.

Where did it all go wrong for England?: Allowing the tail to wag, adding precious runs at the end of the innings.

Where did it all go right for England?: Yet again started off superbly, and put Australia under the hammer from the get go.

Who won each session?: Morning - England. Afternoon - Even Stevens (but England still ahead in the game). Evening - Sort of Australia, but mostly England.

Who won the day?: Even though the 2nd and 3rd sessions weren't as clear cut, the damage was done, and it was easily England's day.

Crumb of comfort?: Australia's lower order are in form. And England are yet to bat on a pitch which was doing a bit.

Shot of the day: Hilfy creaming one through mid off.

Ball of the day: Anderson's to Harris.

Celebration of the day: Anderson giving Haddin some when he bowled Harris. How every wicket should be celebrated.

Catch of the day: While Swann's one-handed reach was a great effort, Collingwood's absolute blinder wins both catch of the day, and catch of the decade.

Man of the day: As well as Anderson bowled, Tremlett gets the nod for a great comeback performance after 3 years in the international wilderness. Honourable mentions to Hussey, Haddin and Johnson, who got some of the initiative back.

And finally... Ashes Oddity: Collingwood's catch. The likes of which will never be seen again...

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