Sunday, 21 March 2010

Test Match Sofa on The Short Third Man

The cult cricket commentary Test Match Sofa has built up a firm following since they began last year. Getting up at unseemly times in the morning for the current tour to Bangladesh, the boys (and girl) have informed, entertained, and insulted, and now the Test Match Sofa feed is available on this very website.

The cricket fanatics on the sofa will be commentating on the rest of the current Bangladesh test match, as well as the entire World Twenty20 from the West Indies (April 30th to May 16th). They will also be commentating on all England test, ODI and Twenty20 games.

The feed is available on the sidebar (-->), as well as here:
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Be warned; there is a 10 second buffering delay, as well as some often choice language. Sorry.

To find out more about the Sofa team, or anything else sofa-related, visit the website here

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  1. As a person who is not keen to get up at un godly hours to watch cricket - this seems a brill alternative !