Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More IPL stuff

Contrary to previous predictions, I have actually watched a fair bit (a few overs here and there) of the IPL. However, I still haven't been fully involved in it - mainly as I do not have a team. While picking a team might be easy, each has their own unique charms that could attract me to them.

Delhi have Paul Collingwood and Dirk the Diggler; Bangalore have Eoin Morgan; Kings XI have Ravi Bopara, Rajasthan have Warne, Mascarenhas and Tyron Henderson; KKR have Owais Shah; and the rest have players who I'm either not interested in or I dislike.

So I am handing it over to you, my loyal Short Third Fans; pick for me an IPL team. I will forever follow them, look out for their score, buy their shirt, whatever. You have three days to vote.

The Short Third Man

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  1. Delhi Daredevils - they're going to win and they have Nannes! Legend!