Monday, 29 March 2010

An excerpt from Lalit Modi's Diary

When not making money or idly chatting at cricket matches, IPL commissioner Lalit Modi likes to relax by keeping a diary. In a world exclusive, The Short Third Man is able to bring you a chapter from Lalit's Secret Diary.

Monday 29th March

While I have been pleased with the way the IPL has been going, it has been brought to my attention that not everything in the match has been sponsored yet. This has seriously restricted the earning potential of the IPL in the last 3 years. While chatting to some people at the game earlier, we came up with some unsponsored things which we could emblazen some logos on.

Balls - a no-brainer. The most crucial part of a cricket match - and the cameras are always focusing on it. Will speak to contacts regarding having a 'Sony Sphere of Bounce'

The Sky - always above the stadium. Plenty of advertising space. (Note: already have MRF blimp. More blimps? Or sponsor clouds?)

Players Names - no reason why individual players can't be sponsored. Will speak to Gautam to see whether he would be interested in being called Gam - Cobra Beer.

Dot Balls - doesn't happen very often, but no reason why a company couldn't sponsor it. The "Axis Bank Moment of No Runs" has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Rain Breaks - again, not very often, but if there is a rain delay, no doubt we could earn millions by calling it the "Tata Precipitation Pause". And TV time could be used to show more ads.

Drinks Breaks - not common in T20, but could shoehorn two or three an innings in if we called it a "Red Bull Moment of Refreshment".

Tactical Time Out - sure, we already have a Maxx Mobile Strategic Time Out, but some suckers would definately want to pay us to call something which takes the TV to adverts after them.

Hairstyles - brands could colour or shave things into their respective players hair for money - and we could do a deal to name our favourite hairstyle the "Reliance Industries Hairstyle of Success". (Note: would Ishant Sharma be allowed to win this every game?)

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  1. I'll have you know the ball sponsorship idea was mine, and I think you pinched it

  2. How about fielding positions? The Pepsi Fine Leg, the MacDonalds Mid Off?
    The possibilities are endless.......

  3. Sorry anon - I'll try and credit you in the future! And the fielding positions could easily work - though I may have to sponsor the Short Third Man ("And Sehwag takes the catch at the Short Third Man Short Third Man...")