Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Short Third Man's IPL Update

While I did protest slightly strongly that I would not be watching the IPL, I lied. As the test match drew to a close earlier, the Royal Challengers of Bangalore took on the Knight Riders of Kolkata (I hope the Hoff is getting royalties...).

Looking at the teams, I saw three Middlesexers - Eoin Morgan, Owais Shah and Murali Kartik (well, he used to be a Middlesexer). While Shah and Kartik donned the historic black and gold of the Knight Riders, Morgan's my favourite, so I supported Bangalore. Eoin was due to bat at 7, but Bangalore's top order batted so badly he was in by the 6th over. And out by the 7th (bowled by Kartik). Once Morgan was out, Bangalore took a tactical time-out; I went upstairs and never returned.

The game was over as a contest, and I later checked the score to see Kolkata won by 7 wickets. But the IPL yet again failed to draw me in. I guess I was unlucky, as the one game I was able (i.e. not doing something else) was the worst game of the tournament so far, with fireworks from Shah, Pathan and Mathews making the host commentators very excited. And I don't even want to go into the bizarre television which was ITV4's coverage.

So will I start to watch IPL3? As with this game, if I have nothing better to do, I will watch. And probably only if players I like are involved.

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