Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Shirt Midwicket - Bangladesh

Bangladesh, being free thinkers, are allowing fans to design their next ODI shirt. (They're either free thinkers or unable to get a meaty deal from someone like adidas...). While you have to be a Bangladeshi national to have a go (here's the link if you are), I've offered an alternative effort. And while I was at it, I had a go at a few other countries.

I'll be rolling a few out over the next few days, and before you think this is a stupid idea; today's my birthday so I can do what I like!

The kit I've gone for with Bangladesh is a traditional green with a red trim. As well as having red sleeves, there are two underarm features which protude into the back design. There is also a small yellow streak across the shoulders. A red bar lies across the centre of the shirt, to highlight the Bangladeshi name.

(Not bad fashionspeak!)

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