Saturday, 27 November 2010

Day Three At Brisbane

Background: Game massively in the balance. A few early wickets for England get them right into the game, but a handy partnership for Hussey and Haddin (with useful runs with the tail) could see Australia get a bit of a lead.

How did it start: With Haddin and Hussey in all sorts of trouble to an English attack looking incredibly dangerous

Where did it all go wrong for Australia?: They didn't get many runs at the end. But a very minor black mark.

Where did it all go right for Australia?: Everywhere else. A 300 run partnership between Haddin and Hussey; hundreds for them both, England made to toil in the field, and a 240 run lead.

Where did it all go wrong for England?: Didn't get the wickets their early bowling deserved. Got frustrated late as Australia ploughed on.

Where did it all go right for England?: Finn took a 6 for. Albeit the worst six-fer since Broad took one at Headingley last year.

Who won each session?: All three - Australia. But England did eventually take a few wickets in the evening.

Who won the day?: I'm going to stick my neck out and say Australia.

Crumb of comfort?: Mike Hussey can't be that lucky again. And the bowlers can't be that unlucky again.

Shot of the day: Who knows? They all blended into one.

Ball of the day: Any of Anderson's opening spell. I'll plump for the one that went through Hussey and somehow missed the edge and the stumps.

Man of the day: Both Hussey and Haddin.

And finally... Ashes Oddity: My Sky packed in.

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