Friday, 12 November 2010

A Plea to County Chairmen

A plea to all counties who haven't signed an overseas player this year

As you may have seen, Kiwi test legend Iain O'Brien has lost his appeal to play as a domestic player next year. Despite fulfilling criteria that would allow him to work in any other walk of life, Iain is unable to play next year for Middlesex. As Middlesex already have an overseas player signed on or next year, the only way for him to play cricket in the country he now calls home is as an overseas player for another county.

So if you're the chairman of a county yet to sign up an overseas player, look no further than Iain O'Brien. OB comes with plenty of international experience (he's even got out Ricky Ponting) and would be willing to run into the wind all day for you. He is also a dab hand at commentary, as well as being a top bloke (but don't worry about his batting). So a message to county chairman. Sign Iain O'Brien. If he can't play for Middlesex, I at least hope I can welcome him back to Lord's in the colours of another county.

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