Friday, 29 October 2010

The Short Midwicket Fantasy Ashes

I love the Ashes. It's all quite exciting. And like every other cricketing pundit, I like to make predictions about what's going to happen in each game.

So I got thinking. What if everyone who likes predicting things played against each other. In some sort of fantasy league? Brave new territory, I know, but this time I'm going to attempt to host it.

I need a few volunteers to play with me, so we can work out a league table; who's winning and losing, and who wins at the end.

The Short Midwicket Fantasy Ashes works as such. Before each test, each player picks three batsmen, and two bowlers. Each run their batsman score counts as one point; each wicket counts as twenty points. At the end of the game, I add it all together and work it out.

This will be a feature on the podcasts and I'll be plugging it on the one that's going to come later on.

So how do I get involved, I hear you cry. Simple. Email me at, and I'll add you to the league. And all you need to do is to pick your players before start of play in each test. (If you don't make your picks by the first ball you won't score any points that test).

Sound good?

Simple Rules:

3 designated batsmen and 2 designated bowlers will be picked. The players will only score points based on their designated roles (i.e. runs for batsmen and wickets for bowlers).

A star player (of the five picked) can be nominated - this player will score double points for the test match.

There must be at least one English player and one Australian player in the 5 picked players.

To be eligible for the Short Midwicket Fantasy Ashes, you must name the team before start of the first days play on any given test. You must send the team to either, or tweet Will at @shortmidwicket.

The winner may win a prize, but probably won't.

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