Sunday, 20 February 2011

Kent's New Mascot

Those of you who follow the T20 Finals Day Mascot Derby will be fully averse with the exploits of Kent's "Bomber the Spitfire". Bomber has been nothing short of a disgrace, as by being just a bloke with some wings, he doesn't conform to mascot rules.

After winnning the race in 2007 (by running past Lanky the Giraffe at the line), strict rules were imposed on him by ECB officials, in order to make it fairer for the other mascots who had to put in the hours of practice just so they could compete. In order to slightly impede his movement, Bomber was forced to wear giant mascot shoes to align him with the other mascots who had to deal with tails, heavy furry legs, and other such impediments. However, in 2009's controversial race, Bomber was stripped of his win because he'd kicked off his shoes before the race had started. General poor behaviour in the mascot's paddock has seen Kent replace him, and in this humble blogger's opinion, not a day too soon!

Here's to a clean race at Edgbaston in 2011!

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