Tuesday, 15 February 2011

England's World Cup Kits - A History

After today's earlier blogs about the kit that's been unveiled (in the loosest sense of the word) for this upcoming 2011 Cricket World Cup, it's only right and proper that I look at the history of kits that have adorned the England players as they've failed miserably at previous World Cups. Due to these failures, most of the pictures that I've found are of England players looking rather glum as other teams celebrate. But that's all part of the fun of being an England fan!


1992 was the first World Cup where the teams wore colours rather than whites, and the first kit England wore is an absolute retro classic. While it is an absolute belter (I love a good light blue England kit), points are lost due to a lack of originality - every team at that World Cup had exactly the same shirt just in different colours. But still, a kit that's probably improved over time due to the retro factor.


While 1992 could be called "retro and nice", 1996 could be called "retro and not so nice". It's not a very nice shirt. It just isn't. And this picture of Neil Smith both sums up the shirt, and England's performance.


The '99 World Cup was a bit of a debacle from England's perspective. But at least they looked nice doing it. It was the first World Cup where teams could wear whatever kit they wanted (within reason) and Asics' effort actually isn't too bad (considering the efforts put out by some of the other teams, and the fact that it was the nineties). Overall, not too shabby.


England's 2003 kit again wasn't that bad. While compared to some of the other nations the shirt from Admiral was a little behind the fashion times, it was a respectable effort.


Like 2003, England's shirt was pretty cool, but compared to the other countries was a little behind the times. Admittedly I do have a soft spot for this kit; I like the red arm and other little red bit on the other side. And I like how the collar has a red and white halved thing going on. I do like this one.


And here's the 2011 effort. For some reason, it's black.

Overall England haven't done too badly in the World Cup kit stakes. There have been a few shockers from other countries, but other than the 1996 horror, England's shirts have been rather respectable, if nothing else. This current one from adidas certainly isn't for the traditionalists (it's black, for a start) but how will it be judged when I repeat this World Cup kit countdown in 2015? Only time will tell...

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