Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Welcome to International Cricket Chris Woakes!

And with his first ever England appearance comes his extra-special reward; his name being changed to a nickname when he appears as a label on this site. For here until forever more, Christopher Roger Woakes will be hereforth known as... "Woakesy".

Well done Woakesy for getting picked - I've rated him for ages and have pushed for his inclusion for yonks. I even wanted him in my Ashes squad when I picked it back in October. Safe to say, I'm pleased he's playing, and I hope he goes to the World Cup. And I'm sure he'll take bundles of wickets in the future. And if he keeps his nerve like he did at the end of the T20 there - I'm sure a few runs will follow as well!

Interesting things to note:
*Chris Woakes is the first player to make his England debut since the introduction of this site
*Chris Woakes is the first player listed in the Luke Wright files to play for England
*Chris Woakes is the youngest chronologically to ever play for England (born 1989)

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