Monday, 3 January 2011

Notes from Sydney - Day 1

Things you won't have seen on TV.

The SCG DJ (the bloke who plays the records) playing Cheryl Cole's "Fight for this Love" and World Cup 2010 Anthem "Waka Waka (This time for Africa) by Shakira. Not knocking the tune-age, but seems an odd choice. But whatever.

The Aussie crowd signing "You are a w*nker" to Kevin Pietersen (admittedly, it did make a change from their other song), with KP clapping along then giving them a thumbs up.

A group of rowdy Aussie drunks heckling Paul Collingwood (who was over the other side of the pitch fielding in the slips), culminating with one of them shouting "Hey Paul, you look cold. Why don't you go and eat one of the pies you bowl". There's sense in there somewhere.

One of the lunch-time kids who are allowed to play on the outfield smashing 4 big sixes in a row of some one about half his age and height (bearing in mind the batter was probably only about 12 himself)

A wicket-keeper in one of the lunch-time games stumping someone by knocking two stumps out of the ground with the sheer force of his glovework.

An English fan being interviewed on the big screen, who then decided to give some abuse to the bloke interviewing him, the Australian crowd, and the Australian nation.

An overexcited England fan jumping up and punching the air for no obvious reason (that may or may not have been me)

Badges with Marcus North, Nathan Hauritz, Clint McKay and Tim Paine's faces on them in a massively reduced sale.

That's all from Day One. Stay tuned for actual stuff about the cricket, both in a blog and a podcast

Here's more stuff about my day

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