Monday, 20 September 2010

SMN: England v Pakistan Royal Rumble

Earlier today at Lord's, prior to the 4th ODI between England and Pakistan, the traditional 'royal rumble' between the two sides took place. The rules are simple - one on one conflict between two players, who are adjudged to be the best fighters in the side. Fans will clearly remember 2006's rumble, when potato shaped Pakistani Inzamam appeared to have beaten England when he sat on opposing captain Strauss, before umpire Darrell Hair amazingly pushed the portly captain off posh-boy Strauss, and awarded the fight to England. This result was later overturned by the ICC.

The proceedings were started when England's Jonathan Trott threw a pad at Pakistani left-arm swinger and probable cheat Wahab Riaz. Riaz than angrily advanced at the South African-born Trott, who grabbed Riaz by the throat. After more scuffling between the players, Trott was able to push over Riaz, before marking his guard along Riaz's chest. Match referee Jeff Crowe halted the fight, and awarded it to England.

However, head of the PCB and certifiable nutjob Ijaz Butt has since claimed that the fight was fixed to allow for an England win. With no proof at all, Butt blamed Trott, Riaz, Andrew Strauss, Jeff Crowe, David Lloyd and the Pope for the result, claiming that the "bookies I've spoken to all agree with me". However, these claims have been based on no evidence whatsoever. The ICC have launched an investigation.

In other news, Pakistan won the cricket.

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