Monday, 13 September 2010

Poll - Who has the worst beard in cricket?

Oh dear, readers of the Short Midwicket. You've let yourselves down. And not only that, you've let Mohammad Yousuf down. This week I stuck up a poll to see who has the worst beard in cricket. For no real reason, other than I am interested to see who you'd pick. I put in the obvious answers; Peter Siddle's triangle goatee, Steve Harmison's designer stubble. I even had Dan Vettori, Stuart Broad's bumfluff and Ricky Ponting's dodgy tache. A curveball was Yousuf, who clearly has the best beard in cricket (other than Moeen Ali). But 37% of you chose his facial fuzz to be the worst. For shame.

1 comment:

  1. MoYo is a valid entry as his beard looks very silly. This comment is meant as non-racist, non-anti-muslim and just my opinion.