Friday, 30 July 2010

Why Mo Amir is making me grow a beard

I like Mohammad Amir. I like how he's burst on to the scene with his destructive left-arm swingers. I like how he doesn't respect the cricketing order. I like how he got under Ricky Ponting's skin, leading to an elbow from Ponting.

What I don't like about him is his age. He is credited as being 18. He patently is not 18. No 18 year old is able to swing the ball like him, or have that level of temprament. And no 18 year old has the facial features of Amir, which make him look closer to 25.

I'm 17. I look much closer to 14. When people have spoken about Amir with me, I have been compared to the Pakistani swinger. And laughed at. While Amir is not 18, he is giving us late-teens a bad name.

I can just about grow a beard. Not a very good one, but a beard is a beard. I've given up shaving until the end of the test series, just so I can look slightly more Amir-esque. I still think England will win 3-0 though.

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