Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Maiden Short Midwicket Podcast

Yes. The rumours are true. After roughly 27 hours (sadly I'm not making that up!) I've finally managed to write, record, produce, edit, and upload a podcast to the world wide web. And here it is.

I basically vent my spleen about Luke Wright, as well as chatting about the England-Australia ODI series and the FPt20. It's pretty low rent, I even have to sing my own jingles.

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  1. Hi Will I absolutely love it, it is just right, just the way I like it. At the beginning one can sense a bit that it's your first time but after a few minutes your voice relaxes significantly and I just sat there grinning and enjoyed it greatly, naturally (and especially) also the bits I disagree with. Some hearty laughs were caused, too, by your utterly dry way of naming the facts. Great style, I like it. Maybe you'll get different opinions from others but from my unqualified, un-English and un-male point of view it's both thumbs up, keep the good stuff coming (and it'd be awesome if you made one exclusively about Middlesex, you've known them for so much longer, would love to hear some insider stories)
    Anyway I sure forgot a couple of things... oh yeah that Kieswetter diss is something we'll have to talk about *grrrmmm* ;)
    Anyway, yeah, I'm muchly looking forward to the next episode,


    ~ Play For Country Not For Self ~

  2. Cheers - you're very kind! Will try and do a Middlesex special in the future - and have a couple of other things up my sleeve!

  3. Big up from your criket friends in Goteborg - love your blog and delighted with your Swedish accent - thought Eoin Morgan was Irish?