Thursday, 25 February 2010

Double Ton Tendulkar

It must have been inevitable. With the advent of Twenty20 cricket (I know, another blog that's mentioned it) player's scoring rates have increased, making scores of 400ish very reachable. And if a player carries his bat through the innings then they will make 200. And Tendulkar did that.

It's great for the sport of cricket that a true great now holds the record - and will always be the first player in history to make an international fifty over double ton. Tendulkar is both the test and ODI record runs scorer, and while he may not meet the high standards of Bradman, Tendulkar's consistency over his 20 years in international cricket surely ranks him as a true cricketing legend. And all credit to previous record holder Charles Coventry... but who? The little master deserves his place in the history books - especially when you consider that he made the runs against the best bowler in the world. It's all well and good scoring double centuries against Bangladesh (like Jason Gillespie), but to score such runs against a South African attack with fearsome Dale Steyn included is some feat.

While Sachin did turn his back on Middlesex for the forthcoming season, that innings shows why they wanted him in the first place. And why he is an absolute hero to millions worldwide. But as he makes the first 200 in an ODI - the question must be how many can follow him?

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